Numatic SCG1705

The ServoClean Graphite (SCG) 1700 Series is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive trolley series on offer.

Six base trolleys make up the SCG1700 Series, each offering different storage configurations… open and accessible or closed and secure, however, you need it the 1700 series has it. Each model will accommodate any of the seven available mopping systems and hundreds of accessories. With the flexibility of the 1700 series, there’s no need to “make do” you’ll build the perfect fit for years of service.

• 120 Litre Waste Capacity — Fully lidded providing excellent capacity for normal waste collection and disposal. Folds down for compact storage.
• Choice of Mop Kits — Compatible with 7 additional kits, providing the right mop for the right cleaning task.
• Lockable Door Option — Provides added safety and security when you want to keep the contents of the trolley out of sight and out of reach.
• Structofoam Construction — The heavy duty Structofoam base is strong and resistant to scratches and dents.
• Shelf Storage — Store a wide variety of cleaning items.
• Optional Fixed Floor Sign — Essential for carrying out cleaning in public spaces.



Ведерки 2 x 10л
Колесики 4 x 100мм
Размеры 1245 x 1090 x 580мм
Отжим Allmops
Вместимость чистой воды 17 л
Вместимость грязной воды 17 л
Вместимость воды 120


VersaCare Catalogue .pdf
VersaCare Accessories Catalogue .pdf
NPT Trolleys Mini Brochure .pdf

Коды заказа

759166 Basic Maxi System c/w 2x 17L Mopping Kit


Габариты 1245 × 1090 × 580 mm


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