Numatic PCG200

Available to order from February 2015

The ProCare 200 is an extension of the ProCare 100, designed to allow for a selection of our professional mopping systems to be used to suit the varying needs of different climates and applications. The MidMop Twin 16 system has the advantage of being able to be used ON of OFF board.

• Lockable compartments
• Colour coded lids for area control
• Coverall waste bag system
• Choice of 125мм or AT 200мм Castors
• MidMop Twin 16 system mounting



Колесики 125 мм
Колесики AT 200 мм
Мешки для мусора 120 л / 2 x 70 л
Ведерки 2 x 5 л
Ящик 1 x 35 л
Размеры 1495 x 663 x 1250мм


VersaCare Catalogue .pdf
VersaCare Accessories Catalogue .pdf
Advanced Product Information: ProCare 200 .pdf

Коды заказа

759496 PCG200


Габариты 1495 × 663 × 1250 mm


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