Numatic NCG3000

A highly compact professional cleaning system, With a range of 4 ‘Lock on’ detachable modules.

A major advantage of the NuClean system is the easily detachable, and conversely attachable, professional, independent mopping units able to be used in either mode but with added manoeuvrability and usability in detached operation — especially in congested areas.

The NuClean attachment and detachment system is simplicity itself but by the unique interlocking design each arrangement is exceptionally stable
and robust, be it in the attached or detached mode.

The NC-3000 master module is equipped with an enclosed 120L pedal waste system and storage.



Ведерки 3 x 5л
Колесики 125 мм
Колесики AT 200 мм
Размеры 860 x 650 x 1080 мм
Вместимость для отходов 120 л / 2×70 л
Ящик 4 x 9 л


VersaCare Catalogue .pdf
VersaCare Accessories Catalogue .pdf
Nuclean Info Sheet .pdf
MopMatic_2_Systems_Explained .pdf
NuClean Mini Brochure .pdf

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759070 NCG3000

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Габариты 860 × 650 × 1080 mm


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