Numatic NX1002

21 061  (Вкл. НДС)

Big in use, small in storage, the Servo-X trolley range will always find favour in the many locations where space is at an absolute premium.

All Servo-X trolleys can be easily folded for storage and the laundry bags themselves can be removed, incorporating drag handles and our top closure system.

Servo-X uses all the same bag sizes as NuKeeper and NuBag units, providing total uniformity and allowing a fully integrated and co-ordinated professional approach to system planning.



Мешки2 x 100 л
Колесики4 x 75 мм
Размеры760 x 460 x 960мм


Servo-X Systems.pdf
VersaCare Catalogue.pdf
VersaCare Accessories Catalogue.pdf
NuBags Mini Brochure.pdf

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718069 NX1002

Подходящие аксессуары


Габариты760 × 460 × 960 mm


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