Numatic NCG4

The full colour-coded cleaning mobile that really does allow “full” control of the cleaning programme in all applications.

Hotels, for example – bedrooms one colour, bathrooms another colour, WCs yet another… a place for everything and everything in its place. Two large and two small twin compartment caddies all together but all easily detachable as required. No system could be simpler or more versatile than the Carousel.



Коробка с крышкой S = 2 x 4L
L = 2 x 10 л
Колесики 4 x 75мм
Размеры 545 x 500 x 870мм


NC-2, NC-3 and NC-4 .pdf
VersaCare Catalogue .pdf
VersaCare Accessories Catalogue .pdf
Compacts Mini Brochure .pdf

Коды заказа

758004 NC4 Carousel

Подходящие аксессуары


Габариты 545 × 500 × 870 mm


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