Numatic NCG1

The Carousel is, without doubt, not only an outstanding mobile cleaning module but also a very clever design providing a number of cleaning facilities in one exceptionally compact and easy to handle, user friendly, package.

In principle the Carousel range is designed to make compact size its first consideration but, whilst being small, it has ample scope for professional use. Sometimes two or three smaller units are more acceptable than something larger.

The swing top model allows waste disposal, mopping and access to cleaning material all simultaneously. The optional Bactiguard Twist mop with its anti-bactericidal specification will be much appreciated.

Truly the Cleaners’ Friend…



Мусорное ведро70 л
Коробка с крышкой4 л
Ведерко14 л
Колесики4 x 75мм
Размеры545 x 500 x 870мм


NC1 and STC1.pdf
VersaCare Catalogue.pdf
VersaCare Accessories Catalogue.pdf
Compacts Mini Brochure.pdf

Коды заказа

758008 NC1 Carousel

Подходящие аксессуары


Габариты545 x 500 x 870 mm


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