Spraymop Master SMM40

There are an increasing number of applications for spot or maintenance mopping, dedicated to keeping a visually good appearance to floor surfaces in high
profile environments.

With the world comprising a vast collection of climates and floor surfaces, the Spraymop Master system has been developed to accept the complete range of our pocket mops; providing a full choice to suit the majority of needs.

Like Spraymop, the Spraymop Master starts with pre-wetting the clean mop before use and simply using the onboard liquid spray system to maintain the level of dampness needed for the specific application.

Spraymop and Spraymop Master are not full large area mopping systems. They are floor maintenance accessories, where localised or spot cleaning is essential in maintaining high standards.

Now with SpinTec colour coded rotating system — professional cleaning in comfort.

Бренд: Numatic Артикул: 627556 Категория:


Флакон400 мл
Размер пада400 мм
Вес1.1 кг


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Коды заказа

627556 SMM40 P Spraymop (DTK-6)

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Вес1.1 kg
Габариты1400 mm


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