Платформа для швабры Multimop

Платформа для швабры Multimop

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    Numatic Multimop MM30

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    Super clean floors... twice as fast... not to mention walls or even ceilings. Yes the professional Multimop is one of the simplest, most effective smaller area mopping systems you will ever use but, like all the best ideas, it is the totally thoughtful design concept that makes it so outstanding. A unique giant 35cm (14”) sponge mop that will really out perform the rest. The sponge absorbs more than 10 times its own weight in liquid so you can really put plenty down and pick it all up again and to cap it all, its very operational design makes it virtually self cleaning. The 30-litre pail runs on 4 twin-wheel castors, so no more lifting buckets all the time - where you and your mop go, the bucket goes with you... on its wheels. This is professional convenience mopping. The giant sponge is a 100% natural cellulose product with exceptional absorbency and is virtually self-cleaning in use. Every time the mop is immersed and squeezed for use a flood of water literally flushes the sponge every time. The Velcro backing allows quick and easy removal. With the scouring and deep cleaning pads, clean the dirty floor surface aggressively as required by the level of soiling, without collecting the wet residue. As the final operation change to the sponge head, wash with plenty of water and sponge dry as normal – simple and effective. Now with SpinTec colour coded rotating system - professional cleaning in comfort.
    8 621  (Вкл. НДС)