Numatic XCG1

The ideal choice of service trolley where space is at a premium but where the need for limited mopping facilities is essential.

The construction is based on our uniquely strong Structofoam chassis, fitted with non-marking 75мм (3”) castors, rotating buffers, Nutex epoxy coated superstructure, two deep tray units, a pair of 6-litre colour-coded pails and a full size deep 18-litre mop pail fitted with 200g basket to suit the majority of standard mops of this size. The Bactiguard Twistmop with its anti-bactericidal specification will be much appreciated in use.

The XC-1 is fitted with a full size Universal Dual Waste System to allow a choice of 120-litre (that accepts 700 x 1100мм waste bags) or twin 70-litre waste units (that accepts 575mm/1000мм waste bags), allowing for simple onboard waste separation.



ЛотокTop — 10 л
Mid — 10 л
ВедеркоSmall — 2 x 6 л
Large — 18 л
Колесики4 x 75 мм
Мешки для мусора120 л
Размеры840 x 570 x 1060мм


XC1 and XC2.pdf
VersaCare Catalogue.pdf
VersaCare Accessories Catalogue.pdf
Compacts Mini Brochure.pdf

Коды заказа

758037 Xtra Compact XC1

Подходящие аксессуары


Габариты840 x 570 x 1060 mm


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