Numatic TT6650G

The TT-6650S cable machine is a genuine workhorse providing a truly cost effective answer to big area floor maintenance.

First and foremost the user will find the TT-6650S as easy to use as our smaller machines with the control and operation systems to exactly the same specification, it handles like a dream.

Big capacity polyform tanks provide a full 60-litre capacity to match the exceptionally stable 65cm single brush scrubbing head complimented by an oversized fully floating 970мм polyurethane, semi-parabolic collection nozzle.

The motor and power transmission design is one of the best, well and truly time tested over the years and the vacuum motor system is nothing less than our superb Twinflo’ bypass unit, you really do end up with clean, dry floors.

Now supplied with Green Polyurethane Floor Tool Blade Set.



Мощность мотора щетки 1500 W
Мощность мотора пылесоса 1200 W
Диаметр щетки 650 мм
Скорость вращения 50Hz=150 об/мин
60Hz=180 об/мин
Вместимость 60 л
Диапазон чистки 42 м
Вес 87.6 кг
Размеры 1230x1260x970мм


Floorcare Catalogue .pdf
Floorcare Accessories Catalogue .pdf
TT6550S .pdf
TT Mains Mini Brochure .pdf
233761 TT 6650S Owner instructions European (A13) .pdf
PadLoc Mini Brochure .pdf

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776089 Twintec Cable – TT6650S

Подходящие аксессуары


Вес 87,6 kg
Габариты 1230 × 1260 × 970 mm


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