Numatic TGB3045

Does 23 years of practice make a better scrubber dryer? Yes, the TTB345 is where it all started. It’s been a leader for 23 years and today’s new GelTec 3045 is a further advance and tomorrow’s new classic.

The TGB3045 offers the best of both worlds with compact design and a full width cleaning capability.

  • Easy to use controls – Now with red touch user friendly controls.
  • Gel Batteries – 10hr charge time.
  • Battery and Hour Meter – Simple clear hour/battery indicator.
  • Fully Adjustable Handle – For the perfect working position.
  • Structofoam Chassis – New chemical resistant structofoam moulded chassis.
  • 30L Capacity – Polyform tank.
  • 45cm Scrub Width – Tilting deck for easy brush change.


Мощность мотора щетки 400 W
Мощность мотора пылесоса 400 W
Питание 2 x 12V (24v 55Ah)
Время работы 1,5 ч.
Скорость вращения 100 об/мин
Вместимость 30 л
Вес 120 кг
Размер пада 400 мм
Размер щетки 450 мм
Размеры 470x890x11004мм


Floorcare Catalogue .pdf
Floorcare Accessories Catalogue .pdf
NuTab Safety Data Sheet .pdf
903623 TGB 3045 4045 4055 EURO (A04) .pdf
904581 TGB 3045 4045 4055 4055T & HGB 3045 UK (A04) .pdf
Happy Cleaning Product Catalogue .pdf

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Вес 120 kg
Габариты 470 × 890 × 1100 mm


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