Numatic NuSpeed NR1500S

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The Nuspeed 1500 is a new generation of floor maintenance machines which is only made possible by a new drive system introducing a dramatic 50% increase in power output.

The unique Nuspeed design concept means that for a machine of such compact proportions, an increase to 40kg in the operating weight can be achieved within the standard specification, with an optional additional 10kg if required… it has the power and weight that do the work and produce the results.

In addition to the power and performance many extra operating features have been added making this machine perhaps one of the most user friendly, hard working professionals in the Floorcare business.

The Nuspeed series is now equipped as standard with performance enhancing “A.T.C”, Automatic Torque Control. A unique system that monitors operation and boosts torque, as required, to provide consistent performance under varying load conditions.



Мощность мотора1500 W
Размер дэки450 мм
Размер щетки450 мм
Скорость вращения150 об/мин
ПылесосOptional NDT130
Диапазон чистки32 м
Вес40 кг


Floorcare Catalogue.pdf
Floorcare Accessories Catalogue.pdf
NuSpeed Mini Brochures.pdf
233810 NR1500 NRL 1500 NRS 450 NRT 1530 NRU 1500 Owner instructions European (A09).pdf
PadLoc Mini Brochure.pdf

Коды заказа

704550 NuSpeed NR1500S

Подходящие аксессуары


Вес40 kg
Габариты1250 x 580 x 460 mm


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