Numatic HZ 200

68 503  (Вкл. НДС)

The Numatic International range of HZ vacuum cleaners has been specifically designed to meet stringent requirements of industries where it is necessary to vacuum dusts that could constitute a health hazard.

The three small machines within the HZ range only vary in the container size and construction. The universal HZ power head is of all-steel construction and incorporates a full Twinflo’ motor and the Nucable plugged cable system is standard. The HEPA filter unit is mounted in an all-steel secure module with a separate primary pre-filter in the container itself and all machines are designed to operate with Hepaflo dust bags to ensure easy, clean and safe emptying.

All machines are supplied with comprehensive accessory kits including initial Hepaflo dust bags of the correct size.

Correctly selected and maintained the HZ series will form a valuable part of any system designed to control hazardous and health endangering dusts in the environment but it is important to ensure the correct consideration is given to the appropriate clothing and protection required by the operator in carrying out any specialist operation.



Питание230V AC 50/60hz
Мощность мотора960 W
Воздушный поток48 л/сек
Сила всасывания2500 мм вод. ст.
Вместимость9 л
Диапазон чистки26.8 м
Вес10.1 кг
Класс фильтрацииType H to (IEC 60 335-2-69)


Kit AA17 HZ Dry Kit
AA17 HZ Dry Kit


Cleancare Accessories Catalogue.pdf
Exploded Drawing 0801 HZQ200-2.pdf
231844 HZ HZD UK (A22).pdf
233984 HZ HZD European (A15).pdf
Procare Catalogue .pdf

Подходящие аксессуары


Вес10.1 kg
Габариты355 x 355 x 520 mm


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